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Inspirations of Bali

We visited Bali 9 months ago, so I thought now is as good a time as any for a post...

Heading to Ubud first, known for its traditional arts, temples, rice fields and some of Bali's most photographed landscapes.

We stayed at the beautiful Como Uma Ubud, a haven nestled in tropical plants and trees with hidden away villas inspired by Indonesian villages. Highly recommend, we were blown away. Anyone who has visited Bali will know how kind and welcoming Balinese people are. One of the many people we met in Bali was a tour guide from the hotel who couldn't wait to show us and tell us everything about the island and his culture. He told us fascinating stories of everywhere we visited, took us on cycling adventures around the temples, villages, rice fields and arts trails and made sure we got a photo at every stop.

Of course I took my camera, not just for the forced upon selfies, but I thought I might be creatively inspired and take maybe a handful of photos. I came home with hundreds of photos full of colour, pattern and landscapes. Photos that I'm still using 9 months later to draw and paint from. Don't worry I'm not about to show you every single photo, I've edited them down nicely into sections to inspire!

I should mention our second week was spent in Nusa Dua. Should you also find yourself there we recommend finding the Manarai Beach Club (which was decorated beautifully in indigo shibori textiles) and never leaving. Anyway onto the inspirations of Ubud...

Flowers and Colour


Temples and Pattern

Traditional Arts of Bali

Holiday Snaps

(couldn't help myself...)

Bali Painting Days


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