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Collecting Design Inspiration for a Textile Print

I'm an avid collector of imagery that inspires me. Whether it's taking my own photographs, saving Pinterest images, collecting magazine clippings or flicking through my reference book collection. I'm often looking at colour palettes, patterns, textures, compositions and subject matter to inspire new designs of my own. Sometimes it can be the smallest part of an image that sparks a creative interest. After a trip to Paris last year, I collected primary imagery from interior shops, fashion boutiques, galleries and exhibitions in hope of finding fresh inspiration for a new print collection. As part of that inspiration, I then found myself delving into art and the artists I admire, pulling together a large collection of imagery by some of my favourite artists; painters Henri Matisse, Hugo Grenville, Sir Cedric Morris, Paul Gauguin, textile designer Althea McNish and designers from the Bauhaus movement.

The Artist Collection, was eventually born and is my latest print collection launched in my online print shop The Print Boutique. Below are some example images that inspired me and my initial paintings that reference the colour palettes, painting styles and textures that I felt most inspired by.

I used a mix of gouache and acrylic when hand painting my designs, to achieve a slightly painterly texture that would pull through into the final prints. The final print collection comprises of geometrics, stripes, ditsy florals, oversized florals and abstracts or non-prints. Designed for both the fashion and home markets, with prints available on a non-exclusive and exclusive basis.

You can shop the collection in my print shop, The Print Boutique. You will require a password to view and shop the collection, which you can request via the link above.

Now, I'm off to start researching the next print collection!

If you are a brand interested in commissioning any prints inspired by mood boards shared on my blog or would like to work together on building your own design concept, I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via email:


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