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Patterns of Venice

I have to admit this post was a little bit of a second thought to my only planned post the Colours of Venice. We had just spent our third and final afternoon in Venice visiting Doge's Palace, a stunning Venetian Gothic style building, when I started spotting all the beautiful pattern that was around me. In the architecture, in the building materials, in the tiles on the ground, in the ceilings...the Patterns of Venice were very subtly everywhere.

I spotted the Palace as soon as we got to Venice. The bright blue sky and sparkling water of the canal acting as the most perfect frame surrounding the building. I grappled with my suitcase (wheely suitcases are not made for Venice...) to get my camera out of it's bag, that was crossed over my body and lost in layers of coat and scarf, to get a quick snap.

That very first photo of Doge's Palace. Blue sky completely unedited, it really was that blue!

Once inside the Palace and strolling around the courtyard, I couldn't stop taking photos of the symmetry of the architecture, the repetitive details carved into the pillars and archways. I waited for fellow tourists to clear to get photos of the beautiful terrazzo floor at the top of the stairs, the gothic patterns in the floor tiles, the light beaming through coloured glass and the repetitive design in the lead on the windows. I photographed all the walls and ceilings and floors and doors and windows no one else even glanced at.

As I flicked back through the rest of my photos from Venice, with colour as my orginal

focus, I saw more and more pattern that I hadn't noticed at the time. From marbling within the natural stones to the symmetrical pattern of the bricks and windows. I could go back and easily take hundreds more photos of Venice's camouflaged patterns.


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