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Mykonos Inspired Collection

I visited Mykonos, Greece last summer and whilst not expecting it to be a holiday that influenced a new collection, the colours of the island were just so beautiful I couldn't help but stop and take photos wherever I went. From flower adorned pathways leading to beaches, to the blue of the sky and the sea & the white walls of the town with it's iconic blue doors and pink flowers.

Once home (and quite a few months later...) I collected all the photos I felt most inspired by and had them printed. I got my gouache and acrylic paints out and started painting flowers, dashes, stripes, greenery, polka dots, anything that resembled a fun sunny island holiday and the colours of Mykonos.

As well as collecting a whole host of inspirational images from Pinterest, brands and magazines. I also recieved a Celia Birtwell book for Christmas whilst half way through my painting process. As one of my all time favourite designers I couldn't help but fall in love with the book and let Celia's bright painterly work become a huge influence to my collection.

Eventually the initial designs for my collection were finalised and my first product range was created...greeting cards! You can now shop all 6 designs in my shop with more prints, patterns and product ranges coming throughout the spring and summer months of 2018.


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