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Inspiration Everywhere 03

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Welcome back to another blog post in my 'Inspiration Everywhere' series. If you are a fellow creative, you'll know it's hard to go anywhere without your eye being drawn to something that might inspire you. A pop of colour, a pattern, a sign, a logo, nature, architecture, shop window displays or even a whole holiday, the list goes on and on. At least I'm hoping this is the same for every creative or I might just need to learn how to switch off...

My husband and I took a trip to one of our favourite places recently, Mykonos, Greece. Relaxing, amazing food, great night life and beautiful weather. In the moments in between, I was of course snapping my phone camera away at all that caught my eye. I quite like to do this without really thinking, then take some time later on to collate the photos and see if I was on to anything. Does anything make sense together as a potential project? was I drawn to a particular colour or shape? or was I just taking another flower photo that I'll file away under 'flower bank' in hope I'll one day use it to paint from (Again. hoping I'm not the only creative to do this).

Thankfully, I was on to something this time (or at least I feel I was) and created two mood boards to draw inspiration from for future print collections for The Print Boutique. The first concept is reds and pinks. Mykonos town is full of beautiful deep red shades, painted on the roofs of buildings, on doors & balconies and in the vibrant flowers that hang over the cobbled alley ways. A mix of pink tones also line the road sides, in large floral bushes and trees. Mixing in the blues of both the decorative town and the skies above us, I could see a colour palette forming. Taking further inspiration from artists, fashion and patterns I'm currently loving, to create an artsy, painterly red and pink themed print collection.

Most of my projects start life this way. An initial mood board, with primary and secondary research for a concept can really help feed a project and lead it in a far more creative direction. With the end result hopefully being a fresh take on a trend or a best selling print/print collection!

Head to the next post 'Inspiration Everywhere 04' for my next Mykonos Inspired mood board.

If you are a brand interested in commissioning any prints inspired by mood boards shared on my blog or would like to work together on building your own design concept, I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via email:


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