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Inspiration Everywhere 04

Welcome back to my Inspiration Everywhere series. Where I look at how the world around us can inspire design and how collecting your own primary research as a designer can be the best starting point for any new project. 'Coastal', is my second mood board inspired by a trip to Mykonos (go back to my previous post for the first!). With beautiful blue skies and turquoise seas it's hard not to be inspired by the coast in Greece. Mix those with the famous blue doors and windows in Mykonos town, the white sandy beaches, fisherman boats, textured walls, cobbled pathways and the geometric details within buildings & wood work, and a mood board of ideas quickly starts to come to life.

I started a Pinterest board of coastal inspirations initially after a visit to Salcombe, Devon, a couple of years ago. Both Salcombe and Mykonos have that same fresh, beachy summer vibe to them. So I picked up those initial ideas and collated them together with imagery from Mykonos to create a new mood board of inspiration to inspire a future Print Boutique collection. To me 'coastal' is natural, textured and organic. I immediately thought of designing a home textiles collection when researching imagery. I envision beach houses decorated in blues and neutrals, with printed home ware and soft furnishings that have an organic feel to them. Sketchy coastal motifs, painterly textures, hand drawn wavy shapes and illustrative sea life conversational prints. See the full mood board below:

If you are a brand interested in commissioning any prints inspired by mood boards shared on my blog or would like to work together on building your own design concept, I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via email:


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