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An introduction to my love for Interior Fabrics

Introducing h.e.r.home! During one of the many lockdowns in 2020, I picked up a book called Classic English Interiors by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill and fell in love with country houses, vintage interior fabrics and eclectic interior design. Specifically design styles from the 1980s and 90s, with the above book first published in 1990.

I started purchasing similar books (cheap and used from Amazon) and quickly fell into the interiors side of Instagram. Naturally as a print designer, I felt drawn to the mix of patterns used throughout these homes. With floral sofas against stripe wallpaper, differing tones and scales of geometric prints in rugs, cushions and curtains - all used in the same room and working so perfectly together. I got my paints out and started designing small swatches of prints and patterns, using all of my collective inspiration. I soon had a table full of work and realised how much I would love to design a collection of interior fabrics with these initial ideas.

A h.e.r. home mood board - colours and prints I'm inspired by and interior designs I've been drawn too.

Images all via Instagram from top left: Interior Design by @benpentreathstudio, Interior Design by @madcapcottage, Bedroom in an 18th Century home restored by Hugh Henry @houseandgardenuk photo by @simonuptonphotos, 18th Century Welsh country home designed by Penny Morrison via @milieumag, Bedroom dressing table @matildagoad, Blinds from room design by @remy_renzullo, Vintage chair via @letaaustinfoster, Paintings by me @h.e.r.home.

The clear next step was to start my own instagram page...and @h.e.r.home was created (h.e.r. being my initials). I've been using the platform as a kind of public mood board, sharing interiors and designers I'm inspired by, the pattern paintings I've created so far, and connecting with fellow interior lovers, as well as sharing some products! This time last year I decided to test out some of the prints and created two Christmas wrapping paper designs (all successfully sold). I then designed a small collection of Valentines prints, really just for fun, but I made some phone wallpaper from them too for followers to download and experience. As my latest tease of home prints into the world I decided to design a print for my own cotton/linen napkins for my Wedding this year, where guests were able to take them home with them and be the first to own a h.e.r.home tableware product (Boards for these products can be seen below).

I hope to be sharing more work soon as I continue working on this on going side project. Perhaps with an interiors fabric collection available to one day purchase!

h.e.r. home mood boards with recently designed products and print collections.


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