My name is Harriet Ruscoe. I'm a apparel graphic & print designer and illustrator based in Berkshire, UK. I have a passion for painting, pattern, colour and organic forms. 


Inspiration comes from my environment, I am very fortunate to live a stones throw away from both beautiful countryside and the big city. Providing me with a wide variation of inspiration. When developing a collection I love to grab my camera and start taking photos of anything I feel inspired by, whether it be in the UK or on a trip abroad. Reference books are also a big part of creating designs and my work space is full of them. As well as plenty of collected imagery I've felt inspired by over the years. 

I have a real love for bright florals, textures and slightly abstract styles. My own personal style is bold, bright, sketchy and painterly. However, I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and approaches to painting, illustration and pattern design. 

Currently, I work on a range of creative projects from fashion prints to children's books, wedding stationery, pattern collections and illustration. 

If you are interested in working with me on a creative project, I would love to hear from you!

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